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Living Will: A Tool To Ensure Your Wishes Are Followed

Living wills, also known as advance health care directives, are documents containing instructions as to your personal health care decisions in the event you are no longer able to communicate or make those decisions yourself. A living will permits you to state your preferences regarding life-sustaining treatments and provide other medical preferences when you are at the end of your life or battling a serious illness.

New Jersey recognizes that adults have the right to control decisions regarding their health care. Living wills have become increasingly important as advances in medicine have resulted in the prolonging of life by artificial means. Some individuals may want to prolong their lives by artificial means while others may not. A living will lets you decide what will happen, and sets forth your intentions for your loved ones and medical providers to follow. New Jersey law requires a living will to be in writing and notarized or in the presence of two witnesses. The law also requires that you designate at least one health care representative. This person will make health care decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so yourself.

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