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Ending a Civil Union or Domestic Partnership

At Wernik & Salvatore, we can advise you of your legal rights and options should you decide to enter into a civil union in New Jersey, terminate a civil union or have other family law issues related to your civil union or domestic partnership.

Dissolution of civil unions: Dissolving a civil union is equivalent to divorce in New Jersey, therefore, all of the divorce laws in NJ apply. The process for dissolving a civil union involves first filing a complaint in court to dissolve the civil union and second, making decisions on important issues that affect dissolution. We zealously represent you in resolving issues involving distribution of assets or property acquired during the union (property division), a party’s duty to support and pay alimony, child custody, support of any children and other issues.

Entering into a civil union: Prior to entering into the civil union, as in any marriage-type relationship, we recommend that you enter into a prenuptial or premarital agreement. These agreements set your rights and responsibilities in the event of dissolution of your civil union. These agreements allow you to chart your own destiny rather than allowing the court to do it for you. We have years of experience in drafting prenuptial agreements on behalf of clients entering into marriage or civil union.

Domestic partnerships: The ability for same-sex couples to legally file for domestic partnership is no longer available due to the passing of the civil union law. However, the domestic partnerships that exist are still recognized and in effect. We also assist clients in dissolving these unions in court. Individuals who have entered into a domestic partnership have different (less broad) rights and obligations than those entering into a civil union.

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