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Creating A Fair Agreement For College Expenses in Divorce

New Jersey law states that divorced parents have an obligation to pay for the college costs of their children after all available aid, grants, loans and scholarships have been exhausted. How do you make sure that your agreement regarding college expenses is fair? At Wernik & Salvatore, we are fully prepared to assist you in concerns relating to divorce and college expenses.

Understanding And Exercising Your Rights Regarding College Expenses

Whether you are the primary custodial parent and want to make sure that your divorcing spouse will pay a share of college expenses or you are concerned that you cannot afford the financial burden being asked of you, Robin T. Wernik and David Salvatore can help.

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We are skilled at handling complex financial dissolution matters and other family law matters for men and women in Hazlet, Matawan, Middletown, Red Bank, Freehold, New Brunswick, East Brunswick, South Brunswick, North Brunswick, Toms River and the surrounding areas. Our lawyers have earned local and national recognition for their work in family law. We bring more than 35 years’ combined experience to each of our clients.

Some of the factors that the court takes into account include:

  • How much in college expense can the parent reasonably pay and what is the child asking?
  • What is the financial condition of each parent?
  • Had the parents stayed married, would they have contributed to college expenses?
  • What is reasonable, based on the parents’ respective educational backgrounds?
  • Is the amount reflective of the college’s cost?
  • Can the child pay for school through financial aid, grants, work, trusts or inheritances?
  • Has the parent been consulted in matters pertaining to the child’s education and college choices?

Understand Your Legal Options And Stabilize Your Life

We can help you clearly understand your options so you can make informed choices that allow you the most stability as you chart your new life.

We also represent clients in post-divorce modifications and enforcement in matters of child support, college expenses and custody and visitation rights.

How Can You Structure A Settlement Today To Work For You Tomorrow?

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