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Modifying Existing Court Orders When Circumstances Change

Once an initial order has been entered by the court specifying the guidelines that govern your post-divorce issues, such as alimony, child custody and child support arrangements, these orders must be followed. However, we at Wernik & Salvatore know the process through which it is possible to obtain a modification to these types of orders. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling a wide range of family law issues, including modifications and the enforcement of standing orders. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to further discuss your specific case and needs.

Child Support Modification

After an order for child support payments has been issued, it is up to each parent to enlist legal counsel if they believe that the amount of child support being paid needs to be modified for any reason. It is important that any change in income or other circumstances of either parent be taken into consideration when seeking a child support modification. We provide clients with child support modification representation, whether they are seeking a reduction of the amount that they are paying or are seeking an increase in the amount of child support that they receive.

Modifications Of Child Custody Orders

It is possible to make changes to a child custody or shared parenting order. However, without proper cause, the arrangement may stay as it has been ordered. We can assess our clients’ cases, walk them through the process of seeking a modification to a child custody order and explain situations where a modification may or may not be granted.

When a custodial parent wants to move out of state with his or her child, the child custody order must be modified. These situations are often referred to as child relocation or move away. Though it may be possible to secure an approved relocation, it is important that the proper legal steps are taken to ensure that the relocation is completed in accordance with any standing custody agreements. We can represent parents on either side of this issue: those attempting to relocate and those trying to prevent relocation.

Other Post-Divorce Modifications

Our attorneys also handle modifying alimony or property division arrangements. However, it is much rarer that the courts grant a modification to one of these types of orders.

Helping You Obtain The Family Court Order Modifications You Need

You can have your divorce agreements revised through a post-divorce modification. Call our Hazlet post-divorce modification attorneys at 732-201-3888 today or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with us.