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Guiding You Through Relocation And Child Custody Orders

A change in circumstances, such as getting a new job or getting married, may result in a parent needing to move away from his or her current location. These cases are complicated by child custody orders that provide rights for the other parent. However, our attorneys at Wernik & Salvatore have extensive knowledge of the New Jersey laws that dictate child relocations and can help you understand how it may be possible for you and your child to go successfully to live your new lives in another area.

Assisting Parents Throughout The Process Of Relocating With A Child

The courts will examine the current child custody arrangement, such as the type of custody that is currently held by both parents, and make decisions based upon the best interests of the child. Joint physical custody and legal custody may be modified once the New Jersey courts review details such as (but not limited to):

  • Reasons for the move
  • Reasons the other party is opposing the move
  • The history between the parties and how it affects the reasons by both parties for supporting and opposing the move
  • Whether the child will receive educational, health and leisure opportunities that are minimally equal to or better than his or her current situation
  • Any special needs of the child that require accommodation and whether such accommodation or its equivalent is available in the new location

Preventing A Move Away In New Jersey

In addition to assisting parents who are attempting to relocate with their child, we also provide representation to parents who wish to prevent the child relocation. In many instances, a parent and child may be moving states away, leaving the other parent wondering what options he or she has.

Going Through The Courts To Protect Your Family

It is important to go through the courts when dealing with a move-away case or attempting to prevent a parent from relocating with your child. Making a decision without backing from the court may leave you with no future remedies and in violation of a standing child custody order. Our firm can provide the guidance you need to pursue your child custody goals in a legal manner while keeping the best interests of the child in mind.

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