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Helping You Resolve Child Support Issues

In every New Jersey divorce that involves a child, child support must be resolved. A child support formula determines what child support will be. A fairly complex set of factors goes into determining what support payments, if any, will be awarded. That is why it is essential to have knowledgeable and experienced family law counsel at your side to make sure your child support is calculated and enforced fairly.

Child Support, Enforcement And Modification In New Jersey

At the Hazlet, New Jersey, law office of Wernik & Salvatore, we recognize that every family law situation is unique and take that into account as we represent our clients’ interests through all aspects of a dissolution and child support matter. Our lawyers are highly experienced and skilled when it comes to child support and modification issues and can help you resolve your legal issues effectively and efficiently.

At Wernik & Salvatore, we carefully scrutinize your financial situation to help you obtain a fair outcome regarding any child support matter:

  • Net income, assets and liabilities of both partners
  • Heath insurance
  • Who has primary physical custody

We have resolved child support matters in situations like these:

  • Divorcing spouses with children
  • Dissolution of civil union couples with a child or a stepchild
  • Divorcing couples with a special needs child or a disabled child
  • High net worth couples with children
  • Delinquent child support owed to a parent

Since 1991, Robin T. Wernik has dedicated herself to protecting the rights of her clients through the ethical, knowledgeable and skilled practice of law. A former public defender and municipal court judge, she is very comfortable as a negotiator and courtroom lawyer. She is a trained mediator, and regularly mediates early settlements. Count on her to protect your rights.

Every three years, you are entitled to an automatic review of your child support. A lawyer can assist you in determining whether there is a need for any child support modification or other changes.

When You Need A Modification, We Can Help

If one parent has a substantial change in life circumstances, this may be cause for a modification of child support or child custody. Changes include: significant increase or decrease in income, chronic illness, relocation to another state, or a situation where the custody arrangement is no longer working.

Enforcement Matters In Your Divorce Judgment

The New Jersey courts are clear on child support enforcement matters. If you are being refused visitation rights on a consistent basis or if you are not receiving your child support, retain a knowledgeable child support attorney. We can help you file a child support lawsuit in order to get the money you need for your child.

Make sure that your child support is reflective of your individual situation and needs. Call our Monmouth County child support enforcement attorneys at 732-201-3888 today. You can also contact us online.