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Workers’ Compensation After an Injury On the Job

If you have suffered an injury at work you may be entitled to compensation regardless of who was at fault, even if the fault was yours. You also may be entitled to compensation for some illnesses, such as, a lung disease or an occupation exposure (an injury that occurs over an extended period) due to your employment.

At Wernik & Salvatore, we represent clients who have suffered serious injuries at work, and we help them secure the compensation they need. From our office in Hazlet, we represent clients throughout Monmouth County and surrounding areas.

What to Do After a Work Accident

Your first priority should be your own health and safety. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Additionally, it is important to notify your employer immediately or as soon as possible after an accident or injury.

There is a limited time to file a claim. You have two years from the date the injury occurred to file a claim petition for compensation. However, for temporary disability or medical benefits you have two years to file a claim petition from the date of last payment.

An attorney can help you file your claim and assist if your claim is denied. Attorneys are compensated for workers’ compensation cases by receiving 20 percent of the award subject to limits set by New Jersey law. Therefore, our attorneys do not get compensated until you get compensated.

What Type of Compensation Does Workers’ Comp Provide?

In workers’ compensation, you can secure compensation to cover medical expense and a portion of your lost wages. If your injury was caused by a third-party, then you may also be able to seek a personal injury claim to recover additional compensation.

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